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SILENT FORCE (CD van de maand September)

Worlds Apart Noise/ Sanctuary/ Suburban

XYSTUS ( CD van de maand Augustus)

Receiving Tomorrow The Electric Co./ Universal

FOREFATHER (CD van de maand Juli)

Ours Is The Kingdom Karmageddon Media/ Bertus

THERION (CD van de maand Mei & Juni)

Lemuria / Sirius B Nuclear Blast/ Suburban

DEATH ANGEL (CD van de maand April)

The Art Of Dying Nuclear Blast/ Suburban

ORPHANED LAND (CD van de maand Maart)

Mabool Century Media/ Suburban

EXODUS (CD van de maand Februari)

Tempo Of The Damned Nuclear Blast/ Suburban

ICED EARTH ( CD van de maand JANUARI)


CATCH 22 (CD van de maand December)

Awaken Molten Metal USA

DEATHSTARS (CD van de maand November)

Synthetic Generation Nuclear Blast / Suburban

EIDOLON (CD van de maand Oktober)

Apostles Of Defiance Metal Blade


Reunited NASTY SAVAGE will release their upcoming album, “Psycho Psycho”, through Metal Blade Records in Europe via a licensing deal with Crook''d Records. “Psycho Psycho” is scheduled for release in March 2004. (06/12/2003)

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The Path Against All Others
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United States Of Anarchy
Steamhammer/ SPV
Cd van de maand oktober 2020

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